Endpoint Threat Detection & Response

Endpoint Security Solutions

Promisec Finds and Fixes Endpoint Security Problems

The Promisec Integrity (cloud) and Promisec Endpoint Manager (on-premise) solutions enable IT, endpoint security, audit, and compliance personnel to find and fix the policy violations and disabled agents that leave organizations vulnerable to attacks. With Promisec an organization is able to do the following:

  • Inspect Completely

    – Provides 100% visibility into endpoints throughout the enterprise, every system, every OS, every application

  • Analyze Everything

    – Compares current status with security and network policies, identifies deviations and change

  • Remediate Automatically

    – Enables manual or automatic remediation of endpoint problems giving complete control over change

  • Report Definitively

    – Transforms comprehensive data into actionable business intelligence that informs ongoing inspections, passes compliance audits and executive level views of an organizations overall integrity

Using agentless technology, both Promisec Integrity and Promisec Endpoint Manager is fast to deploy and operate, easy to manage and use, and has no impact on endpoint or network performance. Learn more.

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  • Promisec Endpoint Manager enables us to distribute missing patches, correct AV issues, repair broken third-party agents, and remove unauthorized software that might endanger our organization.

  • Promisec was the only vendor we looked at whose 100% agentless solutions satisfied our endpoint security and compliance needs.

  • It consolidated a lot of the tools and processes we had scattered in disparate places into one easy-to-use tool

  • We chose Promisec for its superior clientless approach to detecting endpoint weaknesses and remediating real threats.

  • Promisec allows us to monitor and remediate policy non-compliance across the enterprise.

  • Promisec Endpoint Manager is not only comprehensive in addressing information security threats but also notable in its agentless architecture and speed.

  • Promisec Endpoint Manager not only demonstrated superior protection against the broadest number of threats, but usability and manageability second to none.

  • Visibility and a full understanding of the risks, their severity, and the tools needed to minimize them.

  • With the amount of HIPAA data that resides on our network, we need to constantly review and enforce our institutional policies with end users who are out of compliance.

  • Promisec Endpoint Manager software has become a valuable and important part of our security infrastructure.

  • We knew we didn't have complete visibility into our endpoints. It made us nervous.