Whitepaper: PCI DSS Compliance

Cost Effective Approach For PCI DSS Compliance

Today, credit and debit cardholder data security is a critical business need with dire consequence for failure. The costs associated with a data breach are severe both in the short and long-term. Recovering from such an incident can take months or even years, if the impact is to the brand perhaps catastrophic. Some businesses have resolved these security challenges on their own. A large number, however, have struggled to close the holes in their networks. The PCI standard, now in version 3.1 aims at closing these holes by providing important security guidance and requirements. Despite the promise of cardholder data security compliance, CIOs are faced with critical bottom line questions:
How much will implementing this standard cost my business?
How can I comply in the most cost-effective ways?
How much will it cost me if I do not comply?

This white paper will examine how Promisec addresses PCI DSS Compliance requirements and the implications and consequences of non-compliance. You will also learn how Promisec’s agentless endpoint management solution enables companies to cost-effectively satisfy PCI compliance.

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