Video: Leveraging Threat Intelligence

This is a recording of the webcast “SC Magazine eSymposium: Leveraging Threat Intelligence through Automation” from Monday June 29, 2:20 pm ET.

We all watch and read the same news reports that highlight how advanced attacks are regularly occurring taking millions of customer records and financial account information in the process while tarnishing the brand reputation for the companies involved. We can say the “perimeter is dead” and that “the adversary is already on the inside,” but more often than not, as security practitioners we don’t change how we operate. Threat intelligence is a meaningless buzzword unless it is put into action as part of regular ongoing security practice that looks to shorten the dwell time of attackers by cutting out the noise of change that happens daily within an Enterprise. For this session we will walk thru how to how to do this at scale highlighting a few customer use cases in the process.

This webcast has Steve Lowing, Director of Product Management from Promisec discussing how to leverage threat intelligence through automation with Promisec Endpoint Manager 4.11.

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