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cyber attacks

July 7, 2014

Better Communication is Needed for Better Endpoint Protection

When it comes to security, specifically endpoint security, most organizations don’t fully have a grasp on the importance of it and how they need to be
July 11, 2014

Forbes Article: Hacking Gets Physical: Utilities At Risk For Cyber Attacks

Imagine this: Your city has been out of electricity for a full day because the power grid is being held ransom by an international group of
July 11, 2014

InfoSecurity Article: Malware Siphons the ‘Brains’ of Shipping Companies in Sophisticated Supply Chain Attack

Likely Chinese in origin, Zombie Zero malware arrives via trojanized peripherals and exfiltrates full situational data. A highly sophisticated, polymorphic, and advanced persistent malware dubbed “Zombie
July 14, 2014

Corporate Endpoint Security Concerns

Mobile devices are functional and convenient, which makes people want to use them at home and at work. Employees will use their personal mobile devices for
July 21, 2014

Utility Companies at Risk for Attacks

Earlier this month, cybersecurity researchers discovered that Russian hackers have been targeting Western energy companies and investment firms, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. In 2010, the American
August 4, 2014

The Key to Managing Passwords

From online banking to cloud storage, the Internet makes daily life easier. Still, one inconvenience for people is memorizing dozens of username and password combinations. Microsoft
August 11, 2014

Aerospace Communications Could be Vulnerable to Attacks

The long lines to get through the airport’s TSA might have you feeling safe (or disgruntled,) but a research paper revealed that airline communications equipment may
August 13, 2014

Is Any Press Good Press?

You’ve heard the old saying that even bad press is good press.  American showman P. T. Barnum (1810-1891) is often credited for that infamous quote, promoting