Customer Success

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  • Security Analyst
    It consolidated a lot of the tools and processes we had scattered in disparate places into one easy-to-use tool
    Security Analyst
    State Education Association
  • Jack Doane
    Promisec was the only vendor we looked at whose 100% agentless solutions satisfied our endpoint security and compliance needs.
    Jack Doane
    Chief Information Officer for the State of Alabama
  • Ron Naveh
    Promisec Endpoint Manager enables us to distribute missing patches, correct AV issues, repair broken third-party agents, and remove unauthorized software that might endanger our organization.
    Ron Naveh
    Chief Information Officer, Elisra Electronic System


“We have found the key benefits of Promisec Endpoint Manager to be many. In particular, we have significantly increased visibility into all of our endpoints and we now have the ability to take immediate action when issues are found so that we are confident that our endpoints are in compliance”.

Dennis Thomas, Manager Systems Engineering IS Operations,
Fossil Group


“With our network growing to over 10,000 nodes, we were experiencing difficulty in seeing portions of our subnets using the other software solution. With Promisec we can quickly point to different parts of our domain and easily inspect everything that is in our directory structure. With the amount of HIPAA data that resides on our network, we need to constantly review and enforce our institutional policies with end users who are out of compliance. Promisec’s agentless ability to inspect the client software without having to install anything on those endpoints allows us to get the management information we need without having to go through all the permissions required.”

-Enterprise Security Analyst, Large University Health Sciences Center


“Our IT philosophy is to outsource almost everything. However, with the exception of anti-virus protection we do manage our desktops internally. We had the capability to run some reports, but it was a difficult process – and by the time we got them, they were so far out of date, they were irrelevant. We knew we didn’t have complete visibility into our endpoints. It made us nervous. For instance, we had questions about corporate policy compliance. And it was impossible for us to measure the effectiveness of our vendor’s anti-virus management.”

-Chief Security Officer, Major New York Bank



“With Promisec Endpoint Manager we can control our global security policies, while enabling our regional system and security administrators to view the very same reports. This provides us with visibility and a full understanding of the risks, their severity, and the tools needed to minimize them.”

-Amdocs IT Professional



“We see the usefulness of the Promisec tools multiplying. We expected it to provide 100% visibility into all of our endpoints 24/7, as advertised, to ensure better security and management. But we didn’t realize the effectiveness and efficiency it would add to the management of our whole IT infrastructure. It consolidated a lot of the tools and processes we had scattered in disparate places into one easy-to-use tool.”

-Security Analyst, State Education Association



“It is very important for us to be able to know that our endpoints are secure across the entire enterprise, Promisec allows us to monitor and remediate policy non-compliance across the enterprise. We are pleased with Promisec’s clientless approach which is flexible, non-disruptive and quick to implement. Not having to install software on each and every PC is a major selling point.”

-Nancy Lundergan, Manager of Security and Process, Skadden Arps



“We recognized the need early on to upgrade all of our users to Windows 7 and partnered with Promisec to make sure XP was removed and Windows 7 was installed.”

Jean-Paul Gabet, Head of Endpoint Securit Division, Bouygues Telecom