Promisec version 5.20 is out!

We are glad to introduce our new PEM version – 5.20.

Version Highlights:

  • Cyber Intelligence – for the first time, a full comprehensive cyber solutions is available.A listing of suspicious hashes can be uploaded to PEM after it was issued by PEM’s research team or by the organization’s analyst. The new module takes advantage of these hashes by automatically downloading the values and launching a cyber scan. The cyber scan uses the hashes to search the endpoints for suspicious files and processes. Whenever a file is found it will generate a “Match” event.This module allows scanning the endpoints with the latest alerts and enabling ultimate protection for the organization.If you don’t have the Cyber module, contact us for a free trial
  • Linux/Unix Inventory – Inventory information can now be collected from Unix/Linux machines
  • Monthly update – Optional automatic download of the monthly update from the cloud with a secured connection
  • Adjustments to organizations changing dynamics – Intelligent security scanner makes sure that all endpoints have been scanned within a specified period. The scanner can also filter out endpoints that have not been connected to the Active Directory for an extended period

Please find the full Version 5.20 Release Notes for download

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact us.