Promisec special update for Microsoft’s security updates RDP vulnerability in May 2019

Special update for Microsoft RDP vulnerability patch

In mid-May, Microsoft issued a patch to fix critical vulnerabilities in RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) that exposed MS operating systems going back as far as Windows XP/ Windows 2003/2008 (which are no longer supported) to exploitation.

Promisec customers can instantly verify that this patch has been implemented, thanks to a User Defined Action specifically designed for such emergency alerts.

Here’s a quick bit of background: RDP is a very common tool used by organizations to remotely access servers, workstations and laptops for maintenance and operation of remote applications. Needless to say, this is therefore one of the most serious vulnerabilities exposed in recent years – it enables remote access and control with System Administrator privileges for hackers on almost any server!  Just imagine the chaos that would follow… So, the MS special update is absolutely critical.

Enterprises around the world have been very busy since May 15th when the security patch was released, verifying that it has been properly applied to every workstation and server in their network.

This task is made much faster and simpler using Promisec’s out-of-the-box verification capability, with agentless User Defined Action scans. Our efficient technology allows us to remotely scan the end points and perform remediation, even on very old Microsoft operating systems such as Win XP, Win 2003/2008, which are no longer supported by Microsoft.

A special update was released by the end of this month, tailored to this specific patch.

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