Promisec for Incident Response and Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting

Some organizations have an in-house Security Operations Center (SOC) up and running. Others, may be planning to build one, or, alternatively, hire MSSP services.

Regardless of the security measures an organization has in place, endpoint security management offers critical capabilities that should be incorporated into the design of any SOC.

The challenges

A SOC is expected to deliver a variety of security related services to an organization, and often under extreme circumstances. There are, however, two essential actions every SOC absolutely must deliver: incident response and threat hunting. Achieving unified visibility and control over what’s running on all your endpoints and servers, coupled with the ability to respond immediately (i.e. within seconds) to the next threat are key challenges any SOC must face.

The solution

When integrated into any SOC, Promisec allows you to achieve holistic, agentless endpoint security and compliance. It can be deployed quickly across thousands of endpoints and servers and requires very little support and maintenance on an ongoing basis. A clientless endpoint security solution, Promisec detects any endpoint incident that disrupts or threatens to disrupt the security of your business. This includes events reported by the end user to your SOC analysts; events reported through an event monitoring system interface; and events reported via endpoint scanning by other incident management tools or processes.

By providing such visibility through endpoint monitoring, Promesic enables SOC analysts to categorize, prioritize, investigate, diagnose, escalate and resolve endpoint incidents; all of this is achieved with less downtime to your end users.

Enhanced offering

security Promisec’s enhanced offering enables you to truly optimize your SOC. By screening the status of all 3rd party agents on the endpoint, it enables security investigators and threat hunters to check the status of endpoint security tools. By maintaining information about, and enabling the prevention of, endpoint problems, it also eliminates recurring endpoint incidents and minimizes the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented.

Promisec can provide knowledge about endpoints, such as a known error database, to support your knowledge management processes. Through both reactive and proactive problem management, and by correlating data that has been collected from other segments (including threat intelligence), SOC analysts can identify and remediate similar exposures. They can also make better, more conclusive decisions about how to more thoroughly protect the entire IT environment, including segments of the organization’s network that are particularly vulnerable.