Endpoint Security Starts with Endpoint Visibility

The most important aspect of security and IT management is knowing exactly what is happening in your network. Visibility is key, and its greatest benefit is the ability to plan and comply with your own policy. When it comes to security, this means mediating emerging threat before cause damage. And when it comes to IT, it means spending resource according to the exact needs of the company, which allows for a small, focused IT team, to manage the increasingly complex network and user infrastructure.

Having complete visibility of all endpoint and server activities, provides the company with much greater control over users’ actions, and insights as to what they are doing with corporate equipment and data. Without visibility, the company has no way of knowing what is really happening in the network and cannot verify everything is running according to approved policies. With the vast investments made in IT infrastructure and security over the past decade, companies need to be able to verify that services purchased are actually provided and that everything is working correctly.

Promisec’s clientless technology is the only solution that can provide organizations with completely independent visibility. The unique advantage of a clientless solution is its ability to achieve complete visibility without the risk of being disabled or tampered with, as there is no client installed that can be shut down. This is the exact opposite of traditional client-based solutions – software that resides on users’ devices and corporate servers, to provide local functionalities. Whatever the function, client-based solutions must always be available. However, as they are installed on various devices, they are susceptible to interference by non-professional or unethical users, as well as by hackers. In addition, modern attacks are based on malwares that had been engineered for attacking the running agent, itself, harming its performance and its ability to protect the endpoint. Promisec’s clientless technology is not exposed to such risk and provides the visibility necessary to ensure that all third-party clients are always operational and up-to-date.

Promisec’s clientless technology continuously sweeps the network, inspecting all selected endpoints very quickly, and provides an accurate report of its findings. The report includes all relevant information about the endpoint, including components that are missing or nonoperational. This unparalleled visibility provides companies with control over what users are doing with their corporate workstations and their connectivity to the internet and other external networks.