Best Practices for Increasing MSSP Profitability using an Endpoint Platform for Visibility & Control

Endpoint compliance and security is currently one of the biggest challenges faced by Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), as users often ignore procedures and automated notices, and use unauthorized software, peripheral devices and freeware at their workstations, making them more susceptible to attacks. Additionally, limited endpoint visibility and lack of control, make prevention of future attacks practically impossible.

Endpoint Visibility

Traditional endpoint management methods no longer allow MSSPs to provide their customers with the visibility, protection, detection and IR management they require. They lack the ability to scale, support operations and multiply resource density, limiting the service level MSSPs are able to guaranty.

Fortunately, the MSSP revolution is on its way, in the form of clientless endpoint management. With simple access to each and every one of their customers’ endpoints, MSSP are able to provide clear and efficient indications as to the status of all related endpoints, making it possible to quickly and efficiently neutralize all endpoint challenges.

Using the clientless approach, MSSPs can finally have complete visibility and a clear picture of all the events occurring within their client’s operational systems. They can easily:

  • Collect, organize and analyze data from endpoints and servers
  • Establish a compliant network that can ‘clean up’ unwanted objects
  • Remediate threats through a cloud based clientless response solution, in real-time, to stop incidents without disrupting business continuity
  • Ensure security and regulation compliance and enhance best practices, through continuous monitoring, audit, asset management and security assessment
  • Ensure every endpoint deployed on the network complies with the anti-virus, firewall, and 3rd party policies established by the organization, regardless of the chosen vendor

Staying Ahead of the Threat

By adopting a clientless endpoint management solution, MSSPs can achieve better control, increased profitability, and greater scalability, through full endpoint visibility, enhanced services, reduced response time, and accelerated investigation and threat hunting processes. This enhanced monitoring of all endpoints across customer networks, will also improve compliance.