2014 State of the Endpoint Study: An Infographic

2014 State of the Endpoint Study: An Infographic

The Ponemon Institute recently issued its fifth annual State of the Endpoint Study, which revealed key insights into why risk has and will continue to evolve at the endpoint. We found some startling statistics on the biggest threats to security:

1) A changing threat landscape

71 percent found that endpoint security threats have become more difficult to stop/mitigate over the past couple years

2) What are the greatest risks?

66 percent see third party apps as the #2 threat to endpoint security

3) Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

65 percent report having been victim of a targeted attack/APT or they were unsure in the last 12 months

4) What keeps IT professionals up at night?

Top responses included malware (80 percent), rootkits (67 percent) and botnets (49 percent)

5) Security is a growing priority, but the investment is disproportionate

65 percent said endpoint security has become a more important priority in the last two years

Only 29 percent said that their IT budgets had increased in the last two years

So what does all this mean? Companies need to be vigilant about their endpoints to defend themselves in an ever-changing threat landscape. It’s clear that the endpoint is an increasing target for cyber criminals. Given the disproportionate IT budget investment, IT departments need to do more with less and use automated tools whenever possible to effectively manage their endpoints. Promisec enables complete visibility and therefore peace of mind for IT and security professionals to know what is really happening on their endpoints.

These – and more – are outlined in an infographic, “The Evolution of the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape.” Click the infographic below to enlarge the image.

2014 State of the Endpoint Study: An Infographic