Revealed: Latest Promisec Endpoint Manager

Promisec reveals the latest version of its next-generation, agentless container-scanning innovation, Promisec Endpoint Manager

Amir Gil, business director of Promisec said: “The latest IT trend of container-based applications presents a new cyber-defense challenge.

Within container platforms, such as Dockers and Kubernetes, thousands of applications may pop up for seconds, minutes or hours, and then disappear. While such platforms are useful and create significant efficiencies, they have the potential to severely compromise security. Promisec Endpoint Manager version 6, due for release during 2019, will imbue containers with agentless scanning capabilities, providing essential visibility and control of the container applications – which images are defined, which containers are up and running, whether they are compliant with relevant security policies, and more. Our focus, as always, is on supporting security teams by delivering accurate visibility and control of security policies, and improving compliance posture.”