Mobile Enterprise Article: End-Points Still Vulnerable to Breach as Security Defenses Lag, Survey Says

Promisec article in Mobile EnterpriseCurrent end-point security solutions continue to lag, an issue that fails to provide protection or detections adequate enough to protect against today’s security threats.

This message was delivered in a new survey from Promisec (, that was conducted between November 2 and November 9, 2015, among more than 150 IT decision makers, including senior management, security managers, directors, and network and systems engineers. In fact, participants revealed that security gaps and vulnerabilities are increasing compared to a year ago, in spite of widespread fear of security breaches.

Specifically, 32% said they have advanced end-point security protections in place, which is down from 39% last year, even though an increasing number of respondents — 73% this year vs. 58% last year — consider end-points to be “most vulnerable” to a cyber-attack, the report said. While more respondents recognize that end-points are vulnerable to a cyber-attack, fewer companies today said they have end-point protection in place compared with last year. In addition, 67% of respondents said the number of end-points is rising, down from 76% last year, data revealed.

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