CSO Magazine Article: ​Smart Phones Have Not So Smart Security

Promisec article in CSOSmartphones. They have spurred a global revolution in how we work, play, shop, and relate to one another. They fuel innovation and productivity in astonishing ways, reaching even the most distant and underdeveloped corners of the world. They have empowered the disenfranchised, democratized information sharing, and shined a spotlight on corruption. They are also addictive and pervasive, affecting everything from personal health to public safety. And all of this has happened in less than ten years.

By 2020, there will be over 6 billion smartphone users worldwide, compared to the current 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions. This meteoric growth over the next 5 years will stimulate more positive developments, powering innovations we can’t yet imagine. But there is a downside to the rapid growth of mobile devices, especially when it comes to BYOD programs in the workplace. Long gone are the days when work and play were kept separate, one on a BlackBerry and the other on an iPhone. Because we use smartphones for every kind of communication and computing task all day long, the boundaries between business and personal use are blurred and all types of data, including sensitive corporate information, are commingled.

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