Cloud based Endpoint Protection

Promisec Integrity brings award-winning endpoint security technology to the cloud

Designed to meet the unique needs of small-to-medium enterprise environments, Promisec Integrity leverages the flexibility and scalability of the cloud to offer advanced cyber protection that is affordable and easy to deploy and use.

Why Integrity?

Understanding risk, compliance, vulnerabilities and cyber threats are increasingly difficult for organizations. Promisec Integrity makes that simple for you.

Promisec is a Gartner recognized EDR solution helping organizations solve complex Compliance, Vulnerability and security challenges. Promisec Integrity helps you with

  • Running unwanted or IT blacklisted applications
  • Anti-virus that is not running or up to date
  • Vulnerabilities of the most common applications and libraries
  • Missed Windows Updates
  • Running Windows versions that are no longer supported
  • Missing patches for Applications

Integrity Platform

Easy to install and use

Unmatched time to value, scanning endpoints in a matter of minutes

Microscopic footprint and maximum data security through Microsoft Azure

No storage limits on inspections

Integrity with Endpoint Healthcheck

Industry leading detection of 'at-risk' desktop, laptops and server systems

Endpoint Healthcheck reporting with customizable services

Instant comprehension of where you stand with respect to problem areas that cyber criminals target first

Customizable service structure and selection allowing you to work your way

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Compliance Services

Cyber Services


Hash Match Detection

Detects endpoints with black listed items by matching them against a list of known hashes (SHA256, SHA1 or MD5). The items will be derived from running processes on each endpoint, including all relevant files.

Agent Compliance Services


Microsoft SCCM Agent Validation

Validate that the inspected hosts have Microsoft SCCM agent installed and running

BigFix Agent Validation

Validate that the inspected hosts have BigFix agent installed and running

LANDesk Management Agent Validation

Validate that the inspected hosts have LANDesk Management Agent 9.5 installed and running

Trusteer Endpoint Protection Validation

Validate that the inspected hosts have Trusteer Endpoint Protection agent installed

Get Integrity Now

15 Minutes From Now, You’ll Know How Secure Your End Points Really Are

Cloud-Based-SolutionDashboardPromisec Integrity is the first and only fully agentless, cloud-based solution that inspects and reports on dozens of security metrics across all of your end points, and delivers fully actionable information in a matter of minutes — no agents or cumbersome, multi-day software installation required.

Register with Promisec Integrity today, and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have deep visibility into the information security posture of the end points across your enterprise. Integrity’s clear, concise Health Check dashboard gives you unambiguous and measurable information about the state of security on your end points, including verification that key security components such as anti-malware are enterprise management agents are running and up-to-date, while reporting on misconfigurations and rogue software that can introduce risks across your enterprise.

Give us fifteen minutes of your time, and we’ll tell you how well your end points are protected from the conditions that keep you up at night. Go ahead… you have nothing to lose, and complete clarity to gain.

System Requirements for Integrity Cloud Service

Browser Support

IE 11; Chrome


Customer on-Premise Module (CPM)
OSWindows 7 32 bitWindows 2012 Server 64 bit

Windows 2008 Server 64 bit

Windows 8

Windows 7

CPU1.4 GHz2 GHz
Memory1 GB2 GB
Network100MB Full duplexGbE
Disk space40MB100MB