Service Industry

The service industry is like a goldmine of information when it comes to security threats. For example, nowadays, most people make their reservations for hotels, flights, train, movie tickets etc. online and use their debit/credit cards for the same. These industries are exposed to threats such as Content Scraping, Denial of Service, Data Breach, and APTS.

Due to a large number of threats, these industries are exposed to a strong security tool which is required to manage the security status of the endpoints. Promisec being agentless allows the security team to have insight into endpoint visibility immediately. Promisec has no agents to install. It does not need to have a change control and it never affects the end users. Promisec inspects the key security data that you need to assess and respond to threats quickly in an effective manner.

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Case Study: Amdocs

Learn how this market leader in software and service providers was able to get a holistic view of everything running on their network endpoints to ensure compliance to company policies and standards including identifying any deviations from policies as well as gaining a better understanding of their overall risk on both a global and regional perspective.

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