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Retailers are facing a new digital era as the forces of social media, Omni-channel shopping and emerging payment technologies are transforming the industry. With this rapidly evolving digital retail landscape, retailers find themselves to be targets of escalating and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.

In the past, the retail industry has narrowly framed IT security as “checkbox compliance” with Payment Card Industry (PCI), data-protection requirements and delegated responsibility to stores. Now, changing consumer attitude to security breaches demands additional focus on security.

So where do these attacks come from? What creates these opportunities?

Five factors that stand out:

  • End users accessing malware-laden websites or downloading infected files
  • Weak passwords
  • Insecure system configurations
  • Legacy or unpatched technology
  • Poor network security

Each network connection must be considered a potential breach point that reflects its function as a part of the larger network. They need an endpoint solution that can reduce the complexity of balancing security, compliance and demonstrate security control accountability.

Promisec Endpoint Manager is an easy-to-use security and compliance endpoint solution that allows you to manage, secure critical and unsupported systems, arm incident response and threat hunting teams. Threats are remotely remediated with zero impact on endpoints and end-users.

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Case Study: Fossil Group

Fossil Group Partners with Promisec to Achieve 100% Visibility and Control in a Centrally-Managed Solution

Learn how Fossil, a leader in the apparel industry, proactively assured security across all desktops, laptops and servers and in the process maintains compliance enterprise-wide without deploying any endpoint agents.

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