Legal Industries

In today’s global digital world, the data rules. Safeguarding intellectual property, financial information, and your firm’s reputation is a crucial part of the business strategy.

As a client and advocate, you’re entrusted with private information on mergers and acquisitions and privy to confidential business strategies that you must not disclose. Hackers know about such business strategies, which is why Cisco now says that law firms are the seventh leading cyber industry that has a risk of cyber security attacks.

Law firms are like a low hanging fruit, easier to pick by the hackers who are eager to garner confidential intellectual property.

If you are aware of and prepared for threats, then it will help you to prevent from incidents and react to them quickly enough to reduce their impact. Promisec can help you protect what’s important, detect deviations and minimize your exposure when you are compromised. We help you to recognize where your key assets are, which are non-compliant and align them with your policies.

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Case Study

State Education Association Achieves End-to-End Visibility with Promisec Endpoint Manager

Learn how a state education association that started out as an evaluation project was able to consolidated a lot of the tools and processes they had scattered in disparate places by using one easy-to-use tool: Promisec Endpoint Manager.

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