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Although there are various benefits of IoT in healthcare, but there are some risks associated with it too. In 2015, the healthcare industry was the most attacked industry by cyber criminals according to a Cyber Security Intelligence Index by IBM. The healthcare industry is facing a host of cyber security issues, which has the financial and reputational impact on hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

The wealth of private and personal information within healthcare systems makes the industry an inherent target for hacking. The files and information they store make them a goldmine for determined hackers. Weak security systems can leave an entire hospital system in a vulnerable condition.

The high demand for patient’s medical records in the black market is leading to the numerous cyber-attacks. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, electronic health records (EHR) are far more valuable than the financial data. EHRs can sell for $50 in the black market, compared to just $1 for a stolen social security number or credit card number. EHRs include names of patients, their birth dates, policy numbers, diagnosis codes, and billing information. This wealth of data can be used by fraudsters in different ways, such as creating fake IDs to buy medical equipment or medications that can be resold by them. Some cyber criminals combine a patient number with a false provider and then claims the file with medical insurers.

Despite these risks, the healthcare community has accepted the fact that IoT is emerging. In order to secure their systems, health care providers must invest in adopting endpoint security. Promisec provides complete visibility of what is happening on the endpoints without adding any additional burden on the existing system. It also has the capability to remediate the non-compliant endpoints automatically.

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Case Study: University Health Sciences Center

University Health Sciences Center Partners with Promisec to Solve Critical Security and HIPAA Compliance Issues

Learn how the IT department of one of the nation’s largest university health sciences centers were able to see into all endpoints of a network devoted to confidential information to meet HIPAA standard requirements for compliance of data security.

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