Financial Industries

The Financial Services (FS) sector is known well to cyber-attacks and data breaches and is among the most heavily targeted sectors by cyber criminals. Financial institutions have developed innovative technologies that enable faster transactions and associated interactions for their customers to increase efficiency and profit margins. But the technology itself can serve as a double-edged sword as this increasing reliance on technology means that either access is disrupted, confidence is undermined or similar, then the business ramifications will be significant.

Cyber security breaches not only affect operational processes but also affect the bottom line, brand, and reputation.

Financial institutions are struggling with internal threats, spear-phishing that attacks the financial accounts and other endpoint attacks.

The traditional compliance tools focused on security are simply not designed to address today’s increasingly sophisticated and complex cyber-attacks stemming from blended techniques. In order to defend against these unrelenting and increasingly malicious attacks in a better way, financial institutions must continually strive to understand the threats and the actors behind them.

Promisec endpoint manager which is easy to deploy and use, allows the financial institute to inspect what’s running on each endpoint and alerts the deviations by not interrupting the end-users. Promisec provides complete visibility and also helps you to manage the security gaps with its automatic remediation capability feature.

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Case Study

New York Bank Partners with Promisec to Improve IT Security and Responsiveness as It Scales

Learn how the CTO at this bank based in New York is sleeping better at night knowing that Promisec Endpoint Manager is effectively providing complete visibility and remediation to their endpoint systems to ensure compliance, driving down IT costs of management of these systems and peace of mind in the process.

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