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Why Integrity?

Understanding risk, compliance, vulnerabilities and cyber threats are increasingly difficult for organizations. Promisec Integrity makes that simple for you.

Promisec is a Gartner recognized EDR solution helping organizations solve complex Compliance, Vulnerability and security challenges. Promisec Integrity helps you with

  • Running unwanted or IT blacklisted applications
  • Anti-virus that is not running or up to date
  • Vulnerabilities of the most common applications and libraries
  • Missed Windows Updates
  • Running Windows versions that are no longer supported
  • Missing patches for Applications

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Compliance Services

Cyber Services


Hash Match Detection

Detects endpoints with black listed items by matching them against a list of known hashes (SHA256, SHA1 or MD5). The items will be derived from running processes on each endpoint, including all relevant files.

Agent Compliance Services


Microsoft SCCM Agent Validation

Validate that the inspected hosts have Microsoft SCCM agent installed and running

BigFix Agent Validation

Validate that the inspected hosts have BigFix agent installed and running

LANDesk Management Agent Validation

Validate that the inspected hosts have LANDesk Management Agent 9.5 installed and running

Trusteer Endpoint Protection Validation

Validate that the inspected hosts have Trusteer Endpoint Protection agent installed

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