File Integrity Monitoring

File Integrity monitoring (FIM)

Despite every effort to maintain good access control, critical, static files will change on endpoints in your environment. While some files will change simply as a part of using a desktop, laptop or server, core operating system and application files should never change unless they’re being patched or upgraded. If those files are compromised by malware or are replaced with older, deprecated versions, new threats and vulnerabilities can make their way onto your technology assets, and the results can be devastating. You need to know when files change, and the contextual information to understand the reason behind it. This is where File Integrity Monitoring comes into the scenario.

Therefore, File Integirty Monitoring monitors and tracks whenever some change occurs in any of the application files in the system, so that it could be discovered whether this change is beneficial or risky for the application.

Promisec Enterprise Manager provides File Integrity monitoring & detection

File integrity monitoring (FIM), a fully-integrated feature of the Promisec Enterprise Manager (PEM) platform, allows system administrators and managers as well as security professionals to gain immediate insight into critical files and directories that have changed over time. PEM delivers true, hash-based FIM capabilities, allowing security and IT operations professionals to quickly identify changes that are suspect.

In addition, PEM can automatically correlate this information with other intelligence data provided with the PEM platform to determine whether those changes are legitimate, or whether they point to operational or security problems within the environment. Unlike other endpoint detection and response (EDR) products that either have no native FIM capability or charge separately for a File reputation or threat intelligence feed or module, Promisec Enterprise Manager provides FIM as an out-of-box capability that provides seamless integration with other data collected within the PEM cyber intelligence engine, allowing security and IT operations personnel to gain a deeper understanding of what is really affecting and influencing their end points. And of course, like all other components of the PEM platform, our file integrity monitoring software can be run 100% agentless.

PEM has built-in file reputation feeds and connectors to 3rd party advanced malware engines

Promisec’s file reputation service is fully integrated into the Promisec Promisec File Integrity Monitoring (PEM) platform, and delivers analysis captured from the globally-respected VirusTotal database. Unlike most other products on the market, Promisec includes a license to VirusTotal. And just like every capability within the Promisec platform, our file reputation service requires no agents or other endpoint components. Within minutes you will know which processes are advanced threats and malware, which are suspicious and which are unknown and require further analysis using built-in connectors to the most relevant advanced threat analytics and malware detection engines from vendors like Blue Coat, FireEye and Palo Alto.

With the help of File Integrity Monitoring, lots of risks and threats can be overcome before it actually occurs. Keeping all this in mind, Promisec offers the best File Integrity Monitoring solutions. So, act before something wrong happens in the system.

File Integrity Monitoring plays a crucial role in the entire Endpoint management of any network.

Promisec: Advanced Use Cases for Endpoint Security

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