Endpoint Security Management from Data Breaches

Promisec Endpoint Manager is the first and only agentless solution that delivers complete endpoint detection and remediation capabilities across the enterprise, while at the same time extending the value of your current information security investments. Promisec Endpoint Manager leverages patented technology to quickly inspect your entire enterprise to uncover, analyze, and remediate abnormalities that could result in failed audits and expensive incident response efforts. The solution is engineered to run at scale on every network to enable businesses of all sizes, across every industry, to cover use cases from compliance through cyber.

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The Four Parameters of Endpoint Security Solutions

Endpoint Security Management Tools


PEM is a flexible, 100% platform-independent solution for the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) market. PEM inspects every aspect of an endpoint’s assets – not just what’s currently running in memory – and provides detailed context so that you can detect threats before they cause problems for your enterprise, and not after the damage has been done.


By incorporating your organization’s own information security policies, PEM can immediately indicate when your systems are no longer compliant with corporate security standards, and can immediately fix the problem. Best practice standards such as NIST, CIS Benchmarks, DISA STIGs and Active Directory group policies can be loaded directly into PEM, allowing security personnel to quickly identify vulnerabilities and gauge overall endpoint risk. Additionally, files and processes that are compromised or found to be malware are quickly identified with the industry’s first File Integrity Monitoring & File Reputation agentless technology, thus ensuring complete endpoint security.


With the most advanced remediation framework in the industry, PEM provides nearly endless flexibility for addressing gaps in endpoint security and operations health. By fully integrating with incident response processes, PEM allows security and technology professionals to correct problems remotely and automatically, using either out-of-box rollback operations or customized scripts in a variety of languages – and of course, without requiring any heavy endpoint agents.


PEM’s extensive built-in reports deliver detailed, actionable information to regarding security and IT operational gaps within your endpoints. Coupled with customizable reports, visual dashboards provide information appropriate for every audience, from executive management to hands-on technology administrators.
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