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Application Whitelisting Software

Application Whitelisting Software

Organizations have a standard operating environment (SOE) which helps them maintain consistent reliability and performance.

Promisec helps in leveraging the same with its White-list monitors baseline feature. We build the baseline in the tool and any deviation from the baseline mentioned the tool alerts and takes necessary remediation actions (if required).

Baselining is creating a standard golden image of approved list of software’s, services, processes etc. and then enforcing this golden image policies by regularly monitoring deviations.

Following baselines are created:

  • Startup Monitor: It covers events within the startup command of the endpoints to inspect.
  • Process Monitor: It checks whether the processes mentioned in the baseline are running on all endpoints and if any deviations found, provides alerts for the same.
  • Service Monitor: It checks the mentioned services are configured correctly and are in the correct running state.
  • Toolbar Monitor: It checks for installed Internet Explorer toolbars that are not part of the baseline.
  • Application Monitor: It is used to inspect installed applications, and it will alert you for every application that is not part of the approved baseline.
  • Required Update Monitor: It checks for installed updates on the endpoints.
  • Administrator Group Monitor: It will alert you of any missing authorized ids in the Administrator’s group of the endpoints as well as any unauthorized id in it.

If after the inspection, you decide that an application can be allowed, but it should not be part of the Organization baseline then, from the Console, you can add it to the Acknowledge list, the ACK can be managed from the configuration itself.

Enjoy hassle-free deployment with Promisec’s application whitelisting software

Promisec’s application whitelisting software is an all-essential tool for companies that want to keep their endpoints secure from outside threats and unwanted applications. With our innovative software you will be able to create and easily manage hash based whitelists. Unlike most blacklisting software programs, Promisec’s application whitelisting ensures that only the applications authorized by you are able to run on the system. If a file is not in your whitelist, then regardless of its character, it will not be allowed to run. Thus, Promisec’s application whitelisting software aids in the proactive management of unwanted applications so as to prevent any damage.

Promisec: Advanced Use Cases for Endpoint Security

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